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In the news section, we intend to publish information on activities related to the artistic work of Otto Wyler, to show additional works which have been found, documented and researched, before adding it to the general data base.


​Due to travelling restrictions during WW II – Otto Wyler lived and worked often from a studio in Losone (Ticino) – the paintings which were created there can be viewed in a separate album ( We were able to locate the place where he stayed and contacted the local historian Fausto Fornera to find out more about his stays in Losone.

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Catalogue and renewed viewability

November, 2020

Today our catalogue has some 892 documented works of art by Otto Wyler and on a regular basis we are discovering more (see artworks).

If you own any works by Otto Wyler not yet included in the catalogue, please contact us:

Virtual Exhibition

April, 2020

As the Corona Virus has closed most Museums worldwide,
we have prepared / launched a virtual dynamic exhibition of Otto Wyler paintings, which in the future will show newly discovered & documented paintings.

















Otto Wyler at the Franz Gertsch Museum

25/09/2021- 27/02/2022

The Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf ( Switzerland )

has programmed a large Otto Wyler exhibition ( 2021/22 )


curator : Mrs. Anna Schafroth


link to Franz Gertsch Museum



Stay With Me - Four Generations of a Family of Painters

March, 2021

The Kunsthaus Zofingen ( AG / Switzerland ) has programmed an exhibition titled : Stay With Me - Four Generations of a Family of Painters ( Spring 2021 )


Otto Wyler, Lotti Felner-Wyler, Tom Felner and Ann Felner.


curator : Ms. Claudia Waldner


link to Kunsthaus Zofingen

​Following a research project by Prof. Jacques Picard, a book titled ‘Jüdischer Kulturraum Aargau’  has been published in October 2020 (Hier + Jetzt Verlag Baden, ISBN 978-3-03919-508-4, 528 pages), focusing on the many contributions to and the integration of the Jews in the society of the Cantone of Aargau.

The book includes an article on Otto Wyler, by the historian and art historian Angela Bhend.


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Jewish Switzerland – 50 Objects Tell Their Stories

March, 2018

The Jewish Museum of Switzerland published a book on 50 objects – and the authors Caspar Battegay and Noami Lubrich choose the Yom Kippur at the St. Gallen synagogue as one of these stories, This painting is on permanent exhibition at the museum.


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Do you have an Otto Wyler in your cellar

June, 2016

Since the publication of this article we were contacted by 65 persons and “rediscovered” more than 110 Otto Wyler paintings, some of them outstanding works, which will be documented and added to the website.

See Article (PDF 275KB)

Picture of the month

June, 2016

“Picture of the month June” at the Aargauer Kunsthaus

See Article by Gil Goldfine 

Flowers to Art

March, 2016

"Flowers to Art" (March 8-13, 2016) at the Aargauer Kunsthaus

See Article 

A Newly Found Self-Portrait

January, 2015

The self-portrait shown is quite experimental – it is an oil painting in between two layers of transparent paper.

See Image (PDF 585KB)

Otto Wyler in the USA 1921-1922

December, 2014

Searching the web, we have learned that during these years a Swiss Art collection which included an important painting by Otto Wyler,  was shown at many museums (The Brooklyn Institute of Art and Science, the Art Institute of Chicago, the City Art Museum in St. Louis, the at the Pennsylvania Academy and probably some more places).

Catalogue (PDF 8.2MB) | Bulletin (PDF 1.8MB) | Article (PDF 3.3MB)

Otto Wyler at the Tel Aviv Museum

November, 2013

After restauration of this large painting by Mrs. Maya Dressner – Dr. Doron J. Lurie ( Senior Curator and Chief Conservator )  requested that the painting would be exhibited at the museum. As shown in the picture – the painting is exposed in between the Old Masters – next to the Duchess of Cleveland 1665 by Sir Peter Lely, creating a conversation / dialogue between the two ladies.

See Photo (PDF 908KB)

Exhibition at the Ein Harod Museum

January 2013

On Jan. 18th. 2013 was the opening date of the, where 40 works were shown. Most of these works were on loan from private owners from Switzerland, Holland and Israel. For the exhibition a special three lingual catalogue was published, not only showing all works but also with articles regarding the work by Otto Wyler.

Catalogue (PDF 3.4MB)

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